Giving Tuesday is over, but we’re still here!

Thank you for all your support on our CREATING CONNECTIONS campaign! We’re still working to ensure Cobblestone has the funds and other support needed to continue our efforts through 2023. Your gifts will still be matched; our challenge grant is in effect until the end of the year.  

Guests at Cobblestone Springs have discovered this is a perfect place to step out of everyday life and stop to listen to your own thoughts and the inner voice we can find in stillness, a rare moment these days. We also offer opportunities to connect to community, creativity, spirituality, and nature. Please check us out, and consider supporting our efforts this holiday season.  

DID YOU KNOW? 10% of your donation will go to support Milly’s Pantry, providing meals and school supplies to children in Yates County? Read more about Giving Tuesday.


Cobblestone Springs is an interdenominational retreat/renewal center located in the Finger Lakes Region of rural Upstate New York. Housed in an historic 1840s cobblestone mansion, it overlooks the Seneca Lake valley. Well-kept Mennonite farms surround the property, and horse-drawn buggies regularly pass by the house.


Yoga for Stress Relief Morning Retreats, December 18

Classics in Spirituality, November-December