Pillowcase Dresses for Haiti

From the Spring 2016 newsletter (Vol. 15, No. 2)

Workshop coordinator Anne Meyer-Wilber, front left, organized sessions to create dresses for girls in Haiti.

Board member Anne Meyer-Wilber organized a day of making dresses from pillowcases for girls in Haiti. Twelve women, many lugging their sewing machines, joined forces to create darling dresses from pillowcases. Anne had the instructions, and they set about cutting and sewing and making straps and pockets.

They had so much fun, they decided to do it again! On March 9, five different women joined Anne for a day of making dresses. When they finished the second day, more than 35 dresses had been completed! A third session was scheduled for April 7. 

Cobblestone Springs is honored to host such an enthusiastic response to a great need. Anne continues to collect pillowcases and make dresses with friends. As of spring 2018, more than 640 pillowcase dresses have been delivered to Haiti, with another 100 or more going in fall 2018!

One of the finished dresses, destined for Haiti!

Here’s one of the original announcements, from workshops in the fall of 2016: “Using gently used pillowcases we will create simple dresses in various sizes to be taken to Haiti by a mission team in the spring of 2017! It’s a concrete way to make girls feel that they are important and valued. All materials will be provided. If you could bring a sewing machine or have sewing experience that would be helpful but not necessary. Join us for a fun day creating and caring for our daughters/sisters in Haiti. A simple lunch will be provided.”

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