Donations and Support

Donations to Cobblestone Springs support continued maintenance and restoration of our campus, as well as program development, new facilities, and other operational expenses. Although funds are welcome, we also need and happily accept donations of needed materials and your talents!

Wondering how you can help make Cobblestone Springs a better, more engaging place for everyone? Check out the ideas below. Please inquire if you have potential items to donate, or for updates on our current needs: (607)243-8212.

Remember: Our members are the backbone of our operation and a key element in our support. By joining, you receive updates and discounts on activities, as well as the great satisfaction of providing sustaining income. Membership levels vary.

Financial Support

Donations in dollars are always appreciated, and more so at this time when normal operations are limited or suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call for details of possible visits, but also consider providing a donation, if you can, to keep the lights on and the basics handled!

PayPal donate button

Memory Book

Remember the special people in your life, living or deceased, with a donation to Cobblestone Springs in their honor. The name and a picture of the person as well as the name of the donor will be included in our special Memory Book which is always on display. A wonderful way to honor the people who have touched your life!

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