The Classics in Religion Series 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 series of this program takes place at the Penn Yan Public Library, 214 Main St. on Mondays, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. (Note time change beginning June 24, 2019!)

Informal discussions explore a tapestry of diverse topics with deeply spiritual threads. Everyone is invited to attend one or many sessions; registration is not required. Freewill offering benefits sponsor, Cobblestone Springs. Watch your email or local paper for specific program offerings.

This series begins in September 2018 and will continue through summer 2019. Many thanks to Mary Beth Gamba for again organizing presenters and discussion leaders for this series.

Upcoming Topics, schedule as planned:

Please Note: Schedule is subject to change; updates will be posted here as they are available.

For though my faith is not yours and your faith is not mine, if we each are free to light our own flame, together we can banish some of the darkness of the world.

    — Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Recent Past topics include:

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