“Nowhere to Go; Nothing to Do”: Classics June 24

Note: This session will be scheduled a half-hour early: From 10:30 to 11:30.

Monday June 24, in the Classics in Religion series. This group is open to all and meets Mondays (normally at 11 a.m. to Noon) at the Penn Yan Public Library.

Lynne Westmoreland
“Nowhere to Go; Nothing to Do”

What would our lives look like if we took time to explore and really ponder this teaching that is central to Buddhism? What would our lives look like if we completely stopped striving/ accomplishing/grasping/working long enough to really listen to that inner voice that has always known exactly who we are and what our life’s purpose is? How could we grow without the ever lengthening list of “to dos” and goals and “I’ll be happy when…..” scenarios? How can we free ourselves from the anxiety that comes from silencing our inner voice with our busyness? Lynne is looking forward to a discussion on what may be the most important meditation of all.

Lynne Westmoreland is a retired professional pianist and teacher. Her encore career is as a humane educator, lay minister, and meditation/mindfulness facilitator. Lynne teaches mindful meditation, compassionate communication, and on all four lenses of humane education (animal protection, environmental ethics, human rights, and media and culture). Currently she is most involved in presenting Drawdown Introductions and is anticipating, with great joy, becoming an end of life doula.

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