The Teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, Nov-Dec, 2019

A Spiritual Journey through the Tasks of Everyday Life
November 18 and 25, December 2 and 9

On these four Mondays in November and December, members of the Folk Art Guild in Middlesex will present an overview of the teachings of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff as part of the ongoing program Classics in Religion. This is an opportunity to exchange questions with experienced Guild members who absorbed the teaching directly from one of Gurdjieff’s primary pupils, Louise March.

At the first gathering on November 18th, the presenters look forward to describing how the teaching has touched their lives. Annie Schliffer, potter; Matthew Shubin, musician; and David Barnet, woodworker, will introduce the core ideas which initially drew them to the “Work” more than 30 years ago, and examine the question of how a spiritual practice can be renewed again and again during long years of engagement.

In following week, November 25th, they will give a thumbnail sketch of how this teaching entered the awareness of Europe and the United States, and the monumental struggles Gurdjieff faced as he brought his teaching to the West.

Annie Schliffer, Matthew Shubin, and David Barnet have been involved with the Gurdjieff teachings for more than 30 years, and practice them in their lives and work at the Folk Art Guild.

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