Considering the Cosmos; Classics in Religion, March 2020

This program has been postponed indefinitely.
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Mondays in March, in the <a href="“>Classics in Religion series. This group is open to all and meets Mondays at 11 a.m. to Noon at the Penn Yan Public Library.

A little corner of the cosmos, where stars are born. Image Credit: X-ray (NASA/CXC/Virginia/A.Reines et al); Radio (NRAO/AUI/NSF); Optical (NASA/STScI)
“The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be. Come with me.”
With those words, astronomer Carl Sagan launched Cosmos, an epic 13-part TV series and book that, in 1980, brought science to the public like never before. During four of our March sessions, Marty Dodge will explore this original series with us, examining its insights from a perspective 40 years in the future.

Four decades of scientific research later, more is now known about the cosmos. Sagan’s book is obviously way out of date. However, consideration of the old stuff, which serves as the basis of new understandings, is still relevant. Marty will guide us through the original and, to some extent, provide updates on key insights. Join us for these stimulating discussions!

  • March 9, The big questions: How did life develop? Who are we? What are we chemically? Basic concepts: matter,energy, light, planet, star, galaxy. Early research; the transition from astrology to astronomy.
  • March 16, The Solar system: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
  • March 23, Travel in the Universe: Space and Time. The life of a star. The cosmic kitchen. Subatomic particles, atoms, molecules.
  • March 30, Astronomical Research: Radio astronomy. Probability of life in the Universe. The evolution of human society; can we avoid destroying ourselves?

Facilitator: Marty Dodge
Marty grew up in Connecticut, earned a BA in Chemistry from Colby College and a Forestry degree from Utah State University. He taught middle school science for two years and served aboard the United States Coast Guard cutter Sedge out of Cordova, Alaska, for three years before he assumed his position as a teacher at Finger Lakes Community College. Marty conducted 43 travel ecology courses from FLCC that included 14 month-long expeditions to Alaska. Marty retired from FLCC in 2011 and lives now in Canandaigua. Since 2011, Marty has returned to Alaska every summer to build and reside in his retirement get-away in Wiseman. Marty maintains a YouTube channel with programs relating to rustic construction, travel experiences, poetry recitation, and other topics that approach a total of 500,000 views from people in more than 150 countries.

Previous presentation by Marty Dodge: Dark Green Religion, January 2019

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