Classics in Spirituality, Nov. 9: Interfaith Cooperation

This program is part of the Classics in Spirituality series. This group is open to all and meets two Mondays each month (11 a.m. to Noon) via Zoom. Contact us at to receive the Zoom link.

November 9, 2020: Eric Detar, Chaplain, Keuka College
Historical Examples of Interfaith Cooperation

Using material produced by the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), participants will have the opportunity to explore evidence of interfaith cooperation in U.S. history. Understanding interfaith history can help to combat the false notion that religious difference inherently leads to violence and tension.

Presenter: Eric Detar has been the chaplain at Keuka College since August 2009. For the past 4 years, he has been working to build an interfaith culture at Keuka College. Eric is an ordained elder (1999) within the United Methodist Church and is appointed to serve at Keuka College from his bishop of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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