Classics in Spirituality October 12, 2020: Deconstructing Columbus Day

In recognition of Indigenous People’s Day, we presented Prof. Robin M Wright of the University of Florida Gainesville as part of the Classics in Spirituality series. A video of the presentation and discussion is linked below; link opens in new tab.

Deconstructing Columbus Day Oct 12, 2020

This year the Classics series are being presented via Zoom; please contact us (email: CobblestoneSpringsRC) to receive the Zoom link

Program Description:
Dr. Wright will present the current state of changeover from the history we’ve all been taught about Christopher Columbus to the true history of the hundreds of native nations that filled the continents before the European arrival and how American education is being refashioned.

Presenter: Dr Wright received his PhD from Stanford in 1981. After education, he taught for 20 years at the State University of Campinas in Brazil and has been teaching at the University of Florida since 2005. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr Wright has written or co-written 10 books and numerous articles.

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