Classics in Spirituality, Sept-Oct 5, 2020: Stories of Life and Death (Talmud)

September 14 & 21, October 5: with Dr. Leslie Schwartz,
Stories of Life and Death from the Talmud

This September, we again welcomed Dr. Leslie Schwartz, via Zoom, for a series of presentations and discussions based on Jewish scripture as part of the Classics in Spirituality series. Videos of the presentation and discussion are linked below; links open in new tab.

Stories of Life and Death from the Talmud,
Part 1: Sept 14, 2020
Part 2: Sept 21, 2020
Part 3: Oct 5, 2020

This season programs in the Classics series are being presented via Zoom; please contact us (email: CobblestoneSpringsRC AT gmail DOT com) to receive the Zoom link.

Program Description

Leslie’s liberal approach to ancient Jewish texts emphasizes her admiration of their ultimate goal— to make our own lives holy through study, questioning, awe, and gratitude. She will share short vignettes from Talmud (a series of discussions about legal issues, philosophical concerns, customs, legends, and more) and other Jewish texts through the eyes of the ancient rabbis and our own contemporary perspectives.

See our recent newsletter to learn about the important events of the September calendar, the High Holidays in Judaism. This is an appropriate season to learn about writings like the Torah and Talmud, which may not be familiar to many.

Download handouts for this program.

Presenter: Dr. Schwartz is a Professor Emerita, St. John Fisher College.

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