Native American Flute Making Oct 3, 10, 2020

This program is full! If you missed this session and are interested, sign up to be informed of future workshops. If there’s interest, we will offer it again.

Native American Flute Making
October 3 and 10; 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Facilitator: Jan Carr

This program has a one-time materials fee of $20. Donations are also appreciated.

Learn to make a basic Native American flute and express yourself through music. If you have never played an instrument or can’t read music but wish to play or sing the songs of your heart, this workshop is for you. Learn to play spontaneously from the heart.

Music weaves its way through all our lives. It brings memories and healing, laughter and celebration. Melodies draw us inward to our inner rhythms and beg to be played and shared with others. The Native American flute is an ancient instrument used down through the ages for cleansing, healing, and prayer.

The Native American pentatonic scale is mystical in that there are no wrong notes, making it ideal for all. The flute has a way of choosing people. Let it choose you.

Jan Carr will guide attendees in making a simple wooden flute from a kit. She participated in a workshop and ceremony last year to learn the skills, and has been playing her flutes daily ever since. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make an elegant flute like these!

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