Videos of Online Presentations

If you’re looking for a one-stop place to find our recent online programs, the following videos of our Zoom sessions are now available, or visit our Vimeo channel.

Classics in Spirituality Series, Winter-Spring 2021

Scripture Through the Lens of Culture and History, Jan 11, 2021, with the Very Rev. Dan Burner

Death: Fear or Adventure?, Feb 1, 2021, with Anne Meyer-Wilber

C.S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain, Feb 8, 2021, with Dr. Christopher Wright

Saying Yes More Than No to God’s People, Mar 1, 2021, with Sandi Perl

Finding the Story in Yourself, Mar 8, 2021, with Laurie Gifford Adams

A Brief Introduction to Druidry, April 12, 2021, with Alex Andrasik

The Early Church in Africa, May 10, 2021, with Dr. Henry Thomas

An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism, June 7, 2021, with Rev. Douglas Taylor

Seeking the Numinous Through Photography, June 14, 2021, with Dr. Christopher Wright

Classics in Spirituality Series, Fall 2020

Stories of Life and Death from the Talmud, presented by Dr. Leslie Schwartz
Part 1: Sept 14, 2020
Part 2: Sept 21, 2020
Part 3: Oct 5, 2020

Deconstructing Columbus Day Oct 12, 2020, presented by Dr. Robin Wright

Denmark’s Culture, Faith, and Happiness, Nov 2, 2020, presented by Jorgen and Lynn Overgaard

Historical Examples of Interfaith Cooperation, Nov 9, 2020, presented by Rev Eric Detar

The Popol Vuh: Creation Myths of the Ancient Maya, Dec 7, 2020, presented by Dr. Christopher Wright

Seeking Light in Darker Times, Dec 14, 2020, presented by Giovina Carascio

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