Ganondagan Storytellers Circle, November 20th-Cancelled

Will notify of new date if able to reschedule

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Cobblestone Springs is pleased to present a Storytellers Circle.  The power of stories can educate as well as entertain, teach important lessons, and also enrich our lives about culture.  A Native American interpreter will visit Cobblestone Springs to share stories with our audience. All ages are welcome.

$10 suggested donation

To register, please email or call 607-243-8212

Audience Courtesy

In Haudenosaunee tradition, only one person speaks at a time. This shows respect for the speaker and is important so that everyone hears the same words.

In Haudenosaunee tradition, speakers stand when asking a question or presenting. It is a formal way of showing respect to the audience and a great way to project your voice.

Questions are to be held until the end of the program or until the presenter opens the floor for them

The audience should be prepared to listen with no distractions

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