The Journeys of Our Life: Pace, Crossings and Dreams 2.0, May 17, 2023

CANCELED: Wednesday May 17th

In the spring of 2019, some people came to a place apart (Cobblestone Springs) to take a long loving look at the pace of their lives, the crossings they had made and the dreams they had been gripped by, didn’t understand, or ignored.

On this day, the topics we’ll address might look the same, but COVID-19 has indeed made an impact on us. We are in a new moment. What do we now know about the pace, crossings and dreams of our lives that we didn’t know before? Participants need not have been at the first session to find value in this program.

Program Fee:$40. Lunch will be provided, please inform of any dietary preferences upon registering. Please email or call 607-243-8212 to register.

Presenter: Over the years, Joan Sobala, Sister of Saint Joseph, has presented a variety of one-day sessions on spiritual growth at Cobblestone Springs and elsewhere in the country. For her programs, she draws on a lifetime of accompanying people in their quest for a deeper spiritual life. Now retired from full time pastoral leadership, Sister Joan had also been an educator, advocate for women in the Church and writer. She has a weekly blog, which can be accessed at

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