Classics in Spirituality, February 14: Sustainable Food Systems

Classics in Spirituality is a regular feature of Cobblestone’s programming. Classics sessions are regularly scheduled on the first and second Mondays of most months, and are currently held via Zoom. Join us at 11 a.m. for these one hour explorations of diverse topics related to spirituality. Please contact us at to receive the Zoom link. Videos of most past programs (since Fall 2020) are posted on our Vimeo channel.

In preparation for the upcoming Whole Food Plant Based cooking workshops, Classics will host a discussion on the ways a mindful diet may be connected to spiritual life. Writers, civic leaders, scientists, and humanitarians have often adopted vegetarianism or veganism, and the practice is becoming more popular today over concerns about climate change, poverty and hunger, sustainability, environmental degradation, and more.

For this discussion, we’ll use parts of the video “What the Health?” to review how adding more plant-based foods to our diets benefits our own health, and others.  The influential program Forks Over Knives has also helped launch a modern resurgence in the last 20 years.

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