Connecting with Trees: Sunday, April 24

Field Trip at Cobblestone Springs:
Sunday, April 24, 2p – 3:30p

The date for our April tree program is shifted to April 24th, due to the Easter holiday. For this session, we will meet at Cobblestone Springs for a hands-on field trip experience along the trails in the woods. Unless weather has been unusually dry, expect soggy trails. Trails are easy walking, especially as we’ll proceed “at the speed of botany.”

This is a second, probably third, growth woods, as the property was in agricultural use in the early 20th century. We’ll see black walnut, basswood, cherry, dogwood, sassafras, and tulip trees, among others. We have a plant list available on request.

Our Tree Following Project:

Do you have a favorite tree? One way to learn more about it is to visit it regularly and report on what’s happening. Tree following encourages participants to look (and touch, smell, etc.) more closely. Seasonal observation and study is called phenology, and it’s important information to collect as climate changes. Are your trees leafing our or blooming earlier? Trees also have teachings to share; we’ll learn to listen to the wisdom of these elders as we meet with them.

We are continuing tree programs monthly (every third Sunday of the month) for anyone who wants to “follow” or “adopt” a tree. These sessions are via Zoom and will be in-person as the season allows, or can be conducted by email.

Sally White is a transplanted botanist/ecologist and active volunteer at Cobblestone. Jan Carr is a Cobblestone founder, poet, and retiring contractor. Hadi Soetrisno is a photographer and tree enthusiast. 

Please email to register.

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