Making Your Own Wind Chime, August 27

Chiming In: An Exercise in Creativity
Guided by Eileen Curtis and Jan Carr

Saturday August 27, 1 to ~ 3 p.m. —  $20

Brighten your home soundscape with this exciting creative exercise in making wind chimes! On Saturday, August 27, we’ll host a workshop on building wind chimes from metal and by upcycling old wine bottles. If you like you can “make-two, take-one,” and leave one to be added to our Chiming Tree Sanctuary in the Cobblestone woods. Call 607.243.8212 or email Cobblestone Springs to register.

A hanging wind chime made from a blue wine bottle with the bottom cut out. A metal star shape hangs below the bottle, which is decorated with a painting of leaves.
Turn empty wine bottles into wind chimes; build and decorate your own artistic creation.

Materials will be provided, but you can also bring small items if you wish to incorporate them into your creation. We’ll be making traditional chimes from different sizes of metal tubing, both steel and copper, as well as creative ones using wine bottles in your choice of colors.

Wind chimes add a touch of whimsy to your home landscape, echoing with a mellow sound. Some enjoy them as part of meditation; others just appreciate that they give a voice to small breezes as they pass through your garden. Whatever your intent, we hope you’ll join us to make a little garden magic with your very own wind chime!

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