Soul Tending Sessions and Power of Place Readings

Paul W. Jacob (Jake) will be available for one-on-one Soul Tending Sessions and Power of Place Readings on the following days in September:

Tuesday the 6th, Friday the 9th, Tuesday the 13th, Tuesday the 27th, Wednesday the 28th

Soul Tending Session is 50 minutes long, and it is solely focused on your spiritual journey and helping you to move into your Essential Being/True Self.  Think of it as time set aside to tend to the garden of your soul with someone who loves to sow seeds, pull weeds, nourish the plants, and reap the harvest.

A Power of Place Reading is an hour long and combines Jake’s 25-year study of The Power of Place with Astrocartography in order to provide you with a holistic look at how places/locations have affected your life and what places/locations may be beneficial for you to visit, stay at for a while, or go on pilgrimage to.

Note: You must schedule these sessions/readings with Jake at least a week in advance.  Please contact Jake via email at with any questions or to make an appointment.

Facilitator: Paul W. Jacob (Jake) is a writer, teacher, contemplative guide, and mystic. He leads spiritual/contemplative retreats at centers throughout North America and facilitates various ongoing spiritual formation groups for serious seekers. Jake has also worked as a professor for various colleges teaching courses on World Religions, Creative Writing, Journalism and Spiritual Literature. He has had several books published by presses in the United States and Canada, including Blue Collar Nomad, Nomadic Devotion, and Falling onto the Ground. He and his wife Jess are in residence at Cobblestone throughout September 2022.
Programs by Paul Jacob.

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