Classics in Spirituality, February 6, 2023: The Sacred in Nature

Classics in Spirituality is a regular feature of Cobblestone’s programming. This program is scheduled on first Monday of each month (unless the first is a holiday) at 11 a.m. to noon. This year the series continues to be presented via Zoom; please contact us ( to receive the Zoom link. Videos of most past programs (since fall 2020) are posted on our Vimeo channel.

The Sacred in Nature
with Dr. Christopher Wright

Program Description:

This program includes presentation of a video on Dark Green Religion by Professor Bron Taylor, with personal remarks and introduction by Christopher Wright. In this innovative and deeply felt work, Taylor examines the evolution of “green religions” in North America and beyond: spiritual practices that hold nature as sacred and have in many cases replaced traditional religions.

Tracing a wide range of groups—radical environmental activists, lifestyle-focused bioregionalists, surfers, new-agers involved in “ecopsychology,” and groups that hold scientific narratives as sacred—Taylor addresses a central theoretical question: “How can environmentally oriented, spiritually motivated individuals and movements be understood as religious when many of them reject traditional religious and supernatural worldviews?”

Presenter: Dr Christopher Wright has been a photographer/artist for over three decades and is a scholar of the history of photography as well as of the history of religion with emphases on the historical Jesus and on Mesoamerican mythology.

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