Classics in Spirituality, March 6, 2023: Rites of Spring

Classics in Spirituality is a regular feature of Cobblestone’s programming. This program is scheduled on first Monday of each month (unless the first is a holiday) at 11 a.m. to noon. This year the series continues to be presented via Zoom; please contact us ( to receive the Zoom link. Videos of most past programs (since fall 2020) are posted on our Vimeo channel.

Our topic coordinators this year are Alex Andrasik and Columba Salamony– thanks to both of them for stepping in to help! If you are interested in presenting, or want to suggest a topic for a future session, please use the program nomination form in the right sidebar.

Rites of Spring
with Karen Marsh

March 6, 2023, 11 a.m. via Zoom
Program Description:

Eastern Bluebird Couple, male and female, perching on flowering cherry branch. QKA Light Photography

After reviewing the Wheel of the Year to help orient the audience, Karen Marsh will present the meaning of each of the spring holidays (Imbolc, Alban Eiler/Ostara, Beltane) and share examples of how different pagan groups might celebrate them. She’ll also touch briefly upon how pagans in non-European countries adapt the holidays to our local environment through “wildcrafting.”

The practice of wildcrafting recognizes that not all (or even most) modern pagans live in western Europe where the original Wheel of the Year calendars were created – and in fact, in the Southern hemisphere the seasons are completely reversed. Wildcrafting empowers practitioners to create their own Wheel of the Year and symbolism based on their local geography and place-of-practice.

Presenter: Karen Marsh is a practicing Druid and Unitarian Universalist who has been involved with pagan groups in North Carolina and New York for many years. As retirement from her professional career as an instructional designer draws near, she is preparing for her “encore career” as a community minister focused on ecospirituality in western New York. She entered divinity school in January and is looking forward to exciting new adventures!

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