Newsletter Archive

We started publishing Cobblestone Connections early in the organization’s history, almost 20 years ago. The newsletter chronicles much of the history of the building renovation and activities and events from the early days. The earliest copy we have accessible is from Spring 2004, but there are many gaps. It will be a slow process converting these to online records, but in the meantime, here are newsletters from recent years with key contents of each. The most recent issues are available at the dropdown menu or at the main Newsletter page.

Cobblestone Connections

Volume 19, #1, Winter 2020 (February): Volunteers, Black History Month, Spring Programs

Volume 18, #4, Fall 2019 (December): Farewell to Sisters Anne and Connie, Fall Programs

Volume 17 #1, Winter 2018 (February): 20th Anniversary Memories

Volume 16 #4, Fall 2017 (December): 20th Anniversary Celebrations; Renovation Photos

Volume 16, #3, Summer 2017 (July): Review of Early History, from First Board Meeting (1997) On