Cobblestone Then… and Now

The original 1848 Spence House has undergone a century and a half of transformation, but the changes in the last 25 years are dramatic. Today, this marvelous historic building is beautiful, functional, and a wonderful place to visit.

1. The courtyard patio underwent remarkable changes and has become a sheltered haven for conversation or reflection. Click on an image to view larger, or view as slideshow.

2. The front of Cobblestone Springs makes a better impression without the sagging porch roof and unsightly antennas. Foundation plantings were also improved.

3. Ahhh, the kitchen! Always a center of activity, it has been rebuilt from the ground up, literally, and still gets tweaked in recent years.

4. The main parlor has become a welcome gathering place where groups enjoy music or conversation.

5. The library, once Dr. Spence’s office, provides a quiet spot for reading, prayer, and contemplation.

6. Our little white gazebo just didn’t seem big enough for social distancing and was replaced with a bigger model in August 2020. Don’t worry, the cozy white one is now in the south lawn.