Details of the Spence Homestead and Construction


The Spence House, now Cobblestone Springs, is a Greek Revival-style farmhouse, sited for shelter from prevailing south and west winds. Proximity to Seneca Lake helps moderate seasonal extremes, and the 32-inch thick stone walls also help insulate and moderate temperatures. The large main section faces the Lakemont-Himrod Rd. and Seneca Lake to the east; two smaller wings, known as the North Wing and South Wing, flank the building to the west, creating a narrow courtyard/patio between them.

The house has four large chimneys, each with three separate flues. Each room upstairs and down thus has an individual stove flue, originally the main source of heat. Dr. Spence’s office and study had the only fireplace, except for a baking fireplace in the basement. The Italian marble fireplace can still be seen in the former study.

There are four “bays” on the gable ends and five across the front. A large porch supported by four columns extends across the center three bays of the front. The second story had a door providing access to a deck, originally with railing, above the porch. Most of the windows are 6/6 lights, but a few are 9/9 lights; all have limestone lintels and sills.

Exterior Architectural Terms

Architectural terms; parts of the Spence House.