The Creation of Cobblestone Springs Retreat Center

Cobblestone Springs is more than a building, but its story starts with this wonderful building and its history. Creating this dream has been a long process, involving many people and a great many stories, not all of which we will be able to record or recall! But we will begin:

  • How It All Began
  • The Renovation Process, Still Unfinished [no link]
    • The Guest Rooms [linked post, photos]
    • The Main Kitchen [linked post, photos]
    • The Parlors [linked post, photos]
    • The North Wing [linked post, photos]
    • The Servants Quarters [linked post, photos]
    • The Attic Ballroom [linked post, photos]
  • Partners in Creation [linked post or page about 501(c)(3), board, etc]
  • Ongoing Operations [linked post with links to events, facilities, volunteers, etc.]