Our Trails

Trails wind through Cobblestone’s woods to carry you into nature, where you can explore and refresh your senses. Benches in convenient locations allow you to rest and observe, and especially, to relax into the beautiful environment of our Finger Lakes area. We encourage you to stop by and see what’s going on in the woods as the seasons change.

The trails shown here total less than a mile of easy walking, with much to see along the way. An outer loop (Winding Way to
Sisters Serenity Stroll to Home Run) follows the perimeter of the property and offers higher ground. For a short walk, try Meditation Meander to Pensive Pondering Path. The middle route (Meditation Meander to Spicebush Alley) passes our “chapel,” the Chiming Tree Sanctuary, and reaches the Hermitage and Privy to connect with the other trails near the pond and springs. Downhill brings you back to the main house.

To the lower left of the map, you’ll see a small side loop, the Stepping Stone Path. Here short trails wander through the woods,
with inspirational words on stones along the way. We encourage you to pause and reflect on whichever words fit your needs.

Download our trail guide brochure. Please practice good trail stewardship so all may enjoy the area. If you’re interested, you can download our Checklist of Plants and make additional discoveries as you go.

Trail maintenance is an ongoing challenge; we do our best to keep the trails clear and passable. Please alert us if you encounter conditions that need our attention.

Ecology and Restoration

Once farmed, the property has reverted, through natural processes, into woodlands. Careful observers will discover a diverse assortment of native shrubs and wildflowers in the woods, along with invasive shrubs and other imported plants. Native sassafras and spicebush, tulip trees, and wildflowers encourage our commitment to remove invasives and make more room for native plants and wildlife habitat. Restoration is a long slow process, and one that welcomes volunteers! Let us know if you want to get involved and learn more about the weeds and the wildflowers.

Pollinator Garden

At the beginning of Winding Way, near the barn, our pollinator garden displays a mix of native and traditional garden plants. It’s a good place to get introduced to spicebush and some of the wildflowers you’ll see in the woods, as well as some that occur in open meadows. If you’re patient, you may see bees or butterflies visiting the flowers; this garden is intended to be a feast for them!

Meet the Natives