Help Us Plan for the Future

Cobblestone Springs Center for Renewal  

Our Board needs your help in shaping our future directions and programs. Through February 14th, we are gathering input on a 10-question confidential survey.  We invite anyone with knowledge or interest in Cobblestone and its mission to respond and it takes about 9 minutes to complete from the link below. If a question doesn’t apply to you, or you simply want to “skip” something, just say “no comment”, in the “Other” or “Comment” section. The results are tabulated via computer, and are completely confidential.

Our planning process has involved discussions with the Board, a review of our Mission & Values, operations and finances, and seeking input from membership and the broader community. We hope you’ll lend your voice to the process through this survey. 

Technical Difficulties: We have been unable to figure out a way to make the survey available directly from this website. Please contact us at Cobblestone RC and our consultant will send a survey link directly to you. The deadline for response has been changed to Feb 14.


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