As the Veil Thins, Classics in Religion February 10, 2020

This program is part of the Classics in Religion series. This group is open to all and meets Mondays (11 a.m. to Noon) at the Penn Yan Public Library, 214 Main St. Penn Yan.

As the Veil Thins, with Rev. Beth Frigard

Beth Frigard, courtesy

The program will include looking at the Environmental Crisis and its emotional toll, and then taking a look at poetry to see what it may offer us in these unsettling times. By seeing the natural world with our poet’s eye, we are thinning the veil, allowing ourselves the opportunity to see more fully Nature’s gifts to our spiritual and emotional well-being, and to be strengthened and renewed by it.

If time allows, together we will create a collaborative poem.

Facilitator: Beth Frigard is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. For fifteen years she led poetry workshops in the Boston area and in Tucson AZ. She published three books on the value of poetry and what she terms its “unlimited potential for healing and wholeness.” Combining her ministerial calling, her love of poetry, and her passion for Creation Care, she has created the website

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