Classics in Spirituality: 2021 Overview

This is a continuing program patterned on our popular Classics in Religion programs of the last six years. Informal discussions explore a tapestry of diverse topics with deeply spiritual threads.

Everyone is invited to attend one or many sessions; registration is not required. Free-will offering benefits sponsor, Cobblestone Springs Retreat Center. One-hour presentations and discussions on a variety of topics, in partnership with the Penn Yan Public Library. Currently being presented via Zoom.

Please contact us ( to receive the Zoom links. If sessions were recorded, videos can be accessed at the original posts linked below.

Note change from weekly meetings to the first two Mondays of each month (shifted for holidays). Meets Monday mornings, 11:00 a.m. to Noon

Upcoming Topics: Fall 2021

Past Topics: Fall 2020 to Fall 2021

For additional past topics, visit this page.

10 thoughts on “Classics in Spirituality: 2021 Overview

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